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About Pam  Henry Gaited Horse Trainer- Penrose, Colorado My Specialty is teaching your horse to gait smoothly out on the trails, with good manners both on the ground, and under saddle. All of this is done using Natural Horsemanship Methods, which includes extensive Round Pen ground work and JoinUp, extensive Desensitizing by exposing your horse to a world of distractions, and teaching your horse how to respond to cues softly and calmly. Please see Testimonials below..

I work with all gaited breeds: Tennessee Walking Horse, Missouri Fox Trotter, Spotted Saddle Horse, Rocky Mountain Horse, Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse, Racking Horses, Peruvian Paso, Paso Fino, Icelandics, etc.

All of these gaited breeds have differences, and many similarities. They all have slow gaits and faster gaits. They can all canter. Many of them can rack, which is a fast, ground covering, smooth trail gait. Each breed has its own names for these gaits:

The Tennessee Walker has a wonderful flatwalk and running walk.
The Missouri Foxtrotters have a flatfootwalk and foxtrot.
The Spotted Saddle Horses usually like to rack. I can train them to perform a slow rack and a fast rack, both are very comfortable for trail rides.
The Rocky Mountain Horses have a nice show gait for trail, and a faster pleasure gait for performance.
Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horses have nice smooth gaits, variations of the rack.
Racking horses are just that, they love to rack! This is a very smooth, ground covering gait.
Peruvian Pasos have a longer strided Paso Llano, and the Faster Sobreandando.
Paso Finos are shorter strided, and perform the Corto, and the faster Largo.
Icelandic Horses perform a natural Tolt.

If you want to keep riding and enjoying your horse throughout your life, I can help. There’s nothing like a smooth ride through the hills to make life better.



Pam Henry is great! We've had four gaited horses trained by Pam and we wouldn't send our horses to any other trainer. She takes wonderful care of our horses. Pam is really in tune with horses and adjusts her training methods to each individual horse. When our horses return, they are well mannered, focused on us, easy to gait, and dependable. And Pam trains us to be better riders. She brings out the best in our horses and we couldn't be more pleased.
Betty & Elden of Wellington, CO
Thank goodness we have Pam. It is all so simple. When trained horses return home, all we have to do is whatever Pam tells us to do. Never change a thing, and the horses will gait better and better, forever and ever.
Joey and Taxi of Steamboat Springs, CO
Pam, thank you so much for changing my horses' lives and my life. My horses went from spooky and no gait at all, to rock solid gaiting horses. For a while I thought we had quarter horses, but with your hard work and love for my horses, they couldn't be better. My horses went from the roughest ride to the smoothest ride. I learned what the slow gait is, and fell in love. There is nothing better. They no longer act like 3 and 4 year olds. Everyone always comments on how well behaved they are. I thank you because you had everything to do with it. Your techniques and knowledge for gaited horses are remarkable. You are the only person that I know that takes better care and shows more love for other peoples' horses, than the owners themselves. I am so glad our paths crossed. P.S. The boys say hi!
Happy Trails, Jason of Peyton, CO
If you want a gaited horse that gaits beautifully, is safe and well-mannered on the ground, and steps right into the trailer, Pam Henry is who you need to call.
I cannot say enough about Pam, her training of my horses, her love and care of the horses, and her ability to make me totally comfortable with the care and training the horses are receiving while they are with her! I had never owned a gaited horse or a horse that had been trained by someone who really knew what they were doing with the ground work and join up, has a love and understanding of the gait and a passion for the horse to be the best it can be.
Pam started my three year old Rocky Mountain mare, Pride's Miss Roe's training January, 2004. She sent me pictures and updates via email! It was such a joy to be able to participate in Roe's training! In January, 2005, Roe and Strider, my new 2 year old Tennessee Walking Horse gelding went to Pam for training! Pam spent time helping me understand how to ride the gait and to keep the gait in place!
Since 2005, I have sent the horses to Pam at the Smooth Walkin Ranch, sometimes together and sometimes separately, sometimes for tax season, sometimes for just a week or two for a tune up on their gaits and their behavior when I was going out of town! Every time they go, Pam keeps me informed and involved. It is such a relief to know that they will always be well cared for, ridden, and loved and always come home better for the training Pam has given them .
Thanks to Pam and her training, I have two wonderful gaited horses, that are all the things a gaited horse should be on the trail. They are smooth, fast, and a joy to ride. They listen and respond to commands. They join up when they need reassurance rather than spooking. Their ground manners are exceptional, they are safe to be around, and they step right into the trailer ready to go for a trail ride. What more can you ask!!
Amy of Castle Rock, CO
 Tennessee Walker Missouri Fox Trotter  Spotted Saddle Horse  Rocky Mountain Kentucky Mountain Saddle Icelandic  Peruvian Paso Paso Fino

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