Gaited Horse Training Overview.

I train all Gaited Breeds: Tennessee Walking Horses, Missouri Fox Trotters, Tennessee Walker Missouri Fox TrotterSpotted Saddle Horses, Rocky Mountain Horses, Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horses, Racking Horses, Peruvian Pasos, Paso Finos, Icelandics, etc.

I began showing Tennessee Walking Horses in 1980, and realized that our gaited horses require unique training methods, different from other breeds. I have eliminated older, harsher methods. I have developed newer training methods, using Natural Horsemanship, so that our Gaited Horses can learn Good Manners, and learn how to enjoy Gaiting Naturally.

Trail Training

My Specialty is teaching your horse to Gait Smoothly on the trails. I "ride" the gait into your horse naturally. Your horse will be relaxed, with a nice natural headset, and he will walk out and gait on a loose rein. That is always my goal. See Photos, "On the Trail".


Gaiting at the Reservoir Gaiting on the Road Gaiting in the Arena
Walking into the Gait Racking on a Loose Rein Relaxed walk into the Gait
Gaiting loose rein    

Round Pen Training

My other Specialty is Round Pen Joinup with your horse. I have proven techniques to get your horse to focus, relax, and have good manners. Your horse will enjoy this JoinUp session at the beginning of each lesson. This helps your horse develop a good work ethic based on calm interaction with me.

Evaluating Your Horse

When you arrive with your horse, we Evaluate your horse together. I turn your horse loose in my Round Pen, and let him tell me what he's all about. Then we design a Custom Training Plan that suits your needs.

Working on Our Goals

- Good manners, from haltering to riding
- JoinUp in the Round Pen at the beginning of each lesson
- Desensitizing your horse, helping him deal with his fears, and training him to handle many distractions
- Riding in the arenas and teaching your horse to gait smoothly and naturally
- When your horse is gaiting consistently around the ranch, we begin gaiting on the nearby trails
- My dogs can accompany us on trail rides
- Training fees include unlimited lessons for you. You need to participate in order to maintain this training.

I email frequent updates, pictures, and videos. You will be able to see your horse's progress.

Your Horse’s Care:

- Each horse has a private stall which opens into a large private paddock
- Stall are very clean. Clean shavings, clean water, manure removed every day
- Heated water in the winter
- See Photos, "Your Horse's Care"

You provide Hay, and any Grain or Feed Supplement that you want him to have during his stay.

 Spotted Saddle Horse  Rocky Mountain Kentucky Mountain Saddle Icelandic  Peruvian Paso Paso Fino

Other Services:

Horse Boarding: Year round Horse Boarding, each horse has his own stall and paddock, plus pasture turnout

- Vacation Boarding
- Winter Boarding
- Rehab Boarding
- Foaling Service

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